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Competence Team for Healthcare & Life Sciences, Medical Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Hardly any other industry faces such great challenges as the health and life science industry. With constantly increasing demand as a result of the global demographic situation, there is enormous and increasing cost pressure for the financing systems on the other side. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, digitalisation and the strong internationalisation in the field of tension between global corporations and local hidden champions create enormous opportunities within this highly regulated environment.

Our industry experts in the field of healthcare, life sciences, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are specialised in the placement of executive positions and interim managers. The focus is on general management, sales, marketing and product management roles. Our consultants will find the right leadership personalities for you that fit your company's challenges.

Our industry expertise for your Best Leadership Team Ever

The performance of leaders or specialists is critical to the performance of the areas they lead. They create competitive advantage or they lose it. As executive search professionals, we help our clients build the best leadership team they have ever had. In addition to acting professionally in the search process, the consultant's specialist subject expertise is crucial in determining whether only suitable candidates are found or the truly best-fit candidate.

No single consultant can be equally good in all industries and functional areas

This is why our consultants focus on competence teams: tailored to the requirements of the vacancy, they include the best available partner colleague in each case to ensure the best quality in approaching, qualifying and selecting suitable candidates. This way, we provide our clients with real added value that enables them to expand their existing competitive advantages with each new executive.

Our Consultants for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Oliver J. Peters


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology

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Success in business hinges on having the right leadership. Many companies struggle to build a top-notch leadership team, leading to inefficiency, stagnation, and missed opportunities.

Without effective leaders, companies face poor decision-making and underperformance. The absence of capable executives hinders potential, causing frustration and unmet goals.

At EO, we specialize in executive search and interim management. Our award-winning expertise helps build outstanding leadership teams, ensuring your company's success with the same approach: #ResultsThroughPeople