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EO Group is a global executive recruitment company serving clients from offices in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Whether you're a client hiring for an international role or a candidate looking for your next role, EO and our team of specialist consultants have the network and expertise to match the right person to the right role.

Our global team consists of consultants with deep industry expertise gained from working client-side for 20+ years before 10+ years of professional recruitment experience. This means that whatever the role, you will be speaking to a consultant with extensive industry or functional experience.

Our culture is founded upon the principles of being connected, collegiate, collaborative and challenging. We believe in helping clients out-perform their industry peers because they have hired the best talent. The process we use to deliver this talent... we call the EO Way and we built this by challenging conventional recruitment practice.


Challenging Convention

In a rapidly changing business world the norms of the past are no longer the solution. Tradition is being disrupted by the new, the smart and the agile.


The next generation of business is approaching the future with an open mind and increased confidence, and the people leading us into this future are the next generation of top leadership talent.

This is where EO operates. Because we view recruitment as a professional service, our executive placement services are world class. We use best-in-class technology, behaviourial testing, market access and industry expertise to de-risk your crucial hires before, during and after the hire is made.

Our mission is to help clients shape solutions through people, solving their most crucial challenges. We show them how the right person in the right position can redefine their success. We then search high and wide to find these people. That's why:

96% of EO search placements are still in post beyond 12 months
67% of EO interim placements have their assignments extended


For your next crucial hire, engage with a professional recruitment service that delivers. These firms did:


Time for Change

We believe that clients and jobseekers deserve better than what is offered by established recruitment practices and feedback we receive suggests we are not alone. So if your experience of recruitment is:


  • Waste time meeting poorly matched candidates
  • Recruitment process that takes too long
  • Receive crudely matched CV's with no evaluation depth
  • You do the bulk of the work
  • Placements that don't work out Leaving you to repeat the process


  • Feel disengaged from the recruitment process - ignored and treated as a commodity
  • Powerless to influence beyond your CV
  • Little to no feedback, limiting your learning and improvement
  • Consultants focused on making commission this month
  • Consultants with limited relevant experience and only a superficial grasp of clients' needs

You will find EO Executives approach to recruitment refreshing. We built our process from the clients and ‘jobseekers' perspective to deliver the service and results you expect.

Our Philosophy

Delivering competitive advantage through people isn't easy; it takes a fresh approach, challenge and real commitment to understand what's really needed.

We do this by changing how companies think about people, the work they do & the experience and behaviours they bring.


At EO we believe that much recruitment practice is outdated and does not deliver for either clients or candidates. So, our response has been to redefine recruitment services from the client and candidates perspective, and pioneer new ways to secure and embed fresh leadership talent.


Our clients trust us to search further and smarter than anyone else. Our executive talent have the skillset to evaluate deeper and advocate more professionally than anyone else.


They know we will deliver the right people for the right seat. Those special people solve critical challenges and build competitive advantage.


When EO engage candidates we don't just look at past experience and their aspirations for the future. We deploy rigorous techniques and processes to uncover the true person; their values, drivers, attitudes, behaviours and character.


Our objective is to predict an individual's likelihood of success in a role through their behaviours and cultural match. We then go out and find those rare individuals who can make success happen.


We work closely with hiring stakeholders to ensure we have congruence on the person blueprint at the start of every search. Aligning our evaluation process to this blueprint enables us to work in a focused and objective way.


The bringing together of our thorough process, deep candidate insights and the strong situational match to the role blueprint underpins our market-leading record for candidate tenure, with over 96% remaining in the role at 12 months past placement.


We believe every crucial hire is a strategic decision with a clear impact. Our approach takes the guesswork out of hiring to de-risk your future success and deliver the ROI you seek.

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