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The sports and outdoor industry is experiencing a significant transformation driven by technology innovations, sustainability, social responsibility and macroeconomic headwinds.

These changes are reshaping consumer behaviour and challenging companies to adapt and innovate their business models. A strong and forward-thinking leadership team is essential to successfully navigating these shifts.

Our Sports and Outdoor specialists are committed to helping you find top-tier leaders who share your vision and are ready to drive transformation. We focus on identifying candidates who possess the necessary expertise and align perfectly with your company culture. Our goal is to collaborate with you to develop an exceptional leadership team.

We excel in filling C-Suite and Senior Leadership positions and placing interim managers within the sports and outdoor industry. Our clients are from various sectors, including sports and outdoor brands, retailers, manufacturers, sports clubs, fitness and wellness companies, and NGO associations.

Our industry expertise for your Best Leadership Team Ever

The quality and capabilities of your leadership team are crucial to your company's success. Our mission is to help you find the top talent to strengthen and grow your market position. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network enable us to present you with the best candidates.

Tailored Solutions by Specialized Consultants

No single consultant can cover all industries and functions equally well. That's why we rely on specialised teams tailored to your specific needs. Our consultants work closely with you to understand the unique requirements of your vacancies and find the best candidates. This approach ensures we provide genuine added value, enabling your company to enhance its competitive advantage with every new leader.

Trust in our expertise, dedication and industry experience to prepare your business for the future. With our Executive Search and Interim Management service, we ensure you always have the Best Leadership Team to drive your success.

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Sports & Outdoor

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Success in business hinges on having the right leadership. Many companies struggle to build a top-notch leadership team, leading to inefficiency, stagnation, and missed opportunities.

Without effective leaders, companies face poor decision-making and underperformance. The absence of capable executives hinders potential, causing frustration and unmet goals.

At EO, we specialize in executive search and interim management. Our award-winning expertise helps build outstanding leadership teams, ensuring your company's success with the same approach: #ResultsThroughPeople