Danish team of international executive search consultancy EO Executives gains new expert

Written by EO Executives on May 27, 2024

EO Executives, a renowned executive search consultancy, records further international growth: Balder Vendt-Striim from Copenhagen joins the EO team in Denmark

Cologne, 27.05.2024

Executive search and international expansion may not have much in common, but there is at least one parallel: After the first milestones, which are usually celebrated with much fanfare, it gradually becomes quieter on the rocky road to success. After the early achievements, it is now time to see who really has the stamina and expertise to consistently pursue their strategy and make it to the top.

The Danish team of the growing executive search consultancy EO Executives is currently in this decisive phase. After EO first gained a foothold in Denmark in autumn 2023, HR consultant and digital expert Balder Vendt-Striim is now joining the team to support team leader Mads Transel on his way to the top of the Danish executive search market.

Stephan H. Aschenbrenner

»Balder Vendt-Striim brings expertise as well as a real passion for the perfect match when it comes to leadership appointments. This makes him an ideal fit for us. I'm curious to see how he can complement and enrich the Danish EO team in the long term!«

Stephan H. Aschenbrenner

Balder Vendt-Striim has been working intensively on analysing the psychological components of leadership appointments for more than 20 years. In this context, he has contributed to psychometric assessments (and developed his own assessment, the 360indicator™ enneagram test), trained managers in diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), and optimised hiring processes in terms of employer branding. These prerequisites make him the ideal partner for management appointments that really work in the long term and not just within the initial weeks or months.

His valuable expertise in executive search is complemented by Balder Vendt-Striim's technical experience. He has knowledge of the digital sector as well as the sector of international shipping. In particular, the Copenhagen-based specialist is considered an expert regarding tech scale-ups, software-as-a-service and IT on the one hand and global forwarding and DHL shipping on the other.

As a founder himself, Balder Vendt-Striim knows exactly what pitfalls and challenges the road to the top can hold. EO is not the only one to benefit from this: as a consultant, Balder Vendt-Striim specialises primarily in small and medium-sized companies and knows exactly what they need on their way to success. First and foremost, a management team that works together organically is important. After all, economic successes are achieved by having the right people in the right positions.

This is exactly what is expressed in the EO Executives motto "Results through people". The EO approach does indeed yield results: after the international consultancy was honoured by the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche in October 2023, EO was awarded again by the Handelsblatt Research Institute in May 2024. 

With Balder Vendt-Striim, EO Executives has gained a strong Scandinavian partner who, in addition to the necessary endurance, also has the professional expertise for the rocky road to the top. This will not only benefit the Danish EO team, but is also a significant advantage for Balder Vendt-Striim's clients. EO has already proven that the "EO Way" works: Results are achieved through the right people – and Balder Vendt-Striim promises to be just the right person for long-term success.

EO Executives - Results through people

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Success in companies is made by people ("Results through people"). Executives play a particularly important role in this. Our mission is to help our clients build the best leadership team they have ever had.

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