Reflection on the inspiring Summer Conference 2023 by EO Executives

Written by EO Executives on June 30, 2023

Business success and network building go hand in hand

To promote these values, EO Executives regularly organises meetings for its partners, where they can exchange ideas, learn form each other, and build valuable relationships.

Insights into the partner conference in the picturesque Saa

This year, the Summer Conference 2023 took place in the idyllic Saarland, providing all partners and employees from Germany with a unique opportunity to share their experiences and gain new inspiration.

As executive search professionals, we aim to achieve a central goal: our clients should have the best leadership team they have ever had through our work. We know that this can only be accomplished if we, as consultants, also work as a team. No consultant can cover all industries and functions alone. Therefore, the conference was dedicated to the theme of "collaboration."

The enchanting Linslerhof: Setting for the partner conference

From the original estate of Linslerhof, which provided an enchanting backdrop for this event, a world full of possibilities opened up. The two-day partner conference was not only a place for business exchange but also an opportunity to deepen existing relationships.

Andreas Weis, the host and on-site partner, together with Mila Todorovic, ensured an unforgettable experience. The organization was first-class, and the diverse program allowed all partners to feel equally engaged.

The conference kicked off with inspiring keynote speeches by Stephan H. Aschenbrenner (CEO of EO Executives) and Patric Kistner (Head of Operations), setting the foundation for two days of knowledge exchange and discussions, where participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices.

Making a lasting impression and future prospects

But not everything revolved solely around business topics. The event also provided ample time for socializing, physical activity, and relaxation. A group hike to the idyllic Teufelsburg was a highlight, crowned by a convivial barbecue evening at Linslerhof. Here, partners could engage in conversations and forge new connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Summer Conference 2023 in Saarland will undoubtedly be remembered. It not only contributed to further strengthening EO Executives' network but also provided fresh inspiration and ideas for the future. The partnership and collaboration were palpable, and the spirit of professionalism, authenticity, and humanity that permeated the event was contagious.

EO Executives takes pride in offering such inspiring events for its partners and will continue to create a platform where executives and entrepreneurs can support and propel each other forward.