executive impact® - Onboarding Coaching for Executives

Ensuring that your new leaders achieve their goals in the company.

Great results through excellent Onboarding Coaching

With executive impact® onboarding coaching, you minimise the risk of your new leader developing a roadmap and driving a strategy that does not incorporate the needs of the employees and the company. You ensure at exactly the right time that the entire team is on board and sets course together.

Onboarding coaching supports candidates during their orientation phase in the areas of self-reflection, leadership, cooperation and focusing on the most important management tasks. The result: a structured onboarding phase and higher productivity through reflective coaching.

Our consultants are dedicated to ensuring that you not only receive the best leader, but also the best leadership team you have ever had in your organisation.

A transparent process for more productivity

As part of the onboarding coaching, a certified coach accompanies the new executive in the first weeks and months in the new company. The coach is available as an experienced partner and ensures that the new manager rapidly identifies all important aspects for successfully coping with the new task and develops and implements targeted solutions.

In this way, the onboarding process is accelerated, the risk of failure is reduced, the appreciation of the manager is documented and the expected achievement of the set goals is maximised. Experienced by all participants.

Integrative leadership and Employee Development

Valuing the candidate

With executive impact® you can rely on a high ROI: Especially for executives, the costs of onboarding coaching and the positive effects on results are in excellent proportion.

The onboarding coaching and the integrated development and evaluation of solutions are perceived by candidates as part of the employer branding. You thereby decisively increase the attractiveness of your company.

Leadership & Management Side by Side

The onboarding coaching executive impact® is deeply rooted in our DNA and part of our specific way of working, which we call THE EO WAY. We are proud of this differentiated approach, which our clients appreciate.

The onboarding coaching comprises 10 sessions (10 hours in total) and usually starts at the beginning of the employment. Starting the coaching before the official employment can be reasonable. The individual design and timing of the content enables us to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the (new) executive in the company.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your respective consultant.